pintura para realizar protesis de anaplastologia
pintura para realizar protesis de anaplastologia

What is the anaplastology?

The Anaplastology is the science that combines the  art and knowledge of materials to restore a part of the human body due to illness, amputation or congenital defect . it must be recovered by prostheses.


Measured manufacturing of the prosthesis gives back the symmetry of shapes, textures, color and expression.

It is  almost perfect,  imitating natural skin by adding hair and nails, integrating them in the  patient and converting them into  unique and individual  artworks for each patient and his circumstances.


Patients recover their self-esteem and psycho-social relationship in their work and closest family environment by returning a quality of life.


We collaborate with multidisciplinary medical teams from different hospitals, adapting the type of prosthesis to the needs of each patient even before surgery using surgical splints, formers, pre-surgical appliances, to obtain a more favorable outcome in a future intervention.


To Help to  improve their well-being is our goal.

prótesis hechas con anaplastologia


Reconstrucciones anatómicas mediante prótesis


José Luis Roch Leuba

Valencia (España)